For our final DIY project, me and my partner are creating a lemon sugar hand scrub. This DIY project is very easy to do and very simple. It didn't take that long to make. There are three things that you need to make this hand scrub. You need lemon juice, olive oil, and sugar. First you take three quarters of sugar and add it to a container. Then pour in a quarter of a cup of olive oil. And then lastly, one tablespoon of lemon juice. Afterwards you mix all the ingredients together and use it instead of your normal soap that you would use. This hand scrub leaves your hand silky and smooth. The link for this DIY project is at the bottom.

Overall, all these DIY prjects have changed my perspective. It taught me that some of the material that you don't need, you can create them into a piece of decoration. This will help me in the future because I am going to look at the material that I don't need and change them into some sort of decoration. I had a blast making all of these DIY projects.

For genius hour, me and my partner tried to do the ombre nails. It was very difficult and messy. First of all you need three shades of any color nail polish you want and a sponge. Then you pick the lightest color and use it has a base colour. You wait until it is completely dry. Using the foundation sponge, apply the darkest color on the edge, and then continue with the second lightest and third lightest. Put at least two layers of the nail polish on the sponge. Dab the sponge onto your nail. Repeat until you’ve covered your nail. You do that to all of your nails. When you’re done, it will look messy. But you fix that with nail polish remover and a q-tip. Overall it was really tough to create the ombre nails. It showed up messy and  it was almost a big fail.

Next, me and my partner are going to make some decorations for Christmas! It is called puffy paint window decorations. It looks like a fun art project to do. My skills have improved since I started doing DIY project. Specially, on my art.  

So far me and my partner have made two DIY projects for room decorations during the last two months. The first one we made was made out of paper towel rolls. We just took five paper towel rolls, cut them up, then put them together and turned out to look like a flower. Afterwards we painted it black so the decoration could pop out in our room. You can keep continuing on to make one big master piece, but we just sticked with making a little flower. This DIY project was very easy to do and also very successful! 

The second one we made was called Fireflies In a Jar Night Lantern. For this projected, we needed two jars, glow sticks, and diamond glitter. First, we got the jars and opened the lid, then we cut open the glow sticks and poured the fluid into the opened jars. After that we added the glitter, closed the lids of the jars and shook the jars until the inside was covered with the liquids. There, then we had our Night Lanterns. We also turned off the lights to see how it would look in the dark. It looked AMAZING! This project was fun to do! It looked really pretty and was a nice night light. Our next step is to make another DIY project. I am thinking of doing ombre nails, which also seems really cool!

This is the link to the paper towel wall decoration were we followed the instructions:

For genius hour, I have chosen to do Do It Yourself (DIY) Projects. I have chosen DIY projects because I wanted to create decorations for myself that I can use. Since we could have partners, I have chosen Jessica to be my partner. So far, we have found many little projects that we can do at home. At the beginning, we were double minded about DIY projects, but than our teacher talked us into staying with this topic. I hope at the end of the semester to create a unique decoration product. 

For our research, we have found many great links. We couldn’t find any books, so we are just using the internet. My perspective has really changed. I have found out so far that you can use many things at home that you don’t need, and make that into some sort of decoration. For example, we found that you can use some paper towel tubes and create that into a flower decoration. Our next step is to create one of those DIY projects that we found online and see how it turns out.

Here is the toilet paper wall art:

In my opinion, I think that school does kill creativity. Our creativity gets lost when we get older. When we were in elementary school, we did not have as much stress and pressure, but when we got to high school, we had way more stress and pressure. Our grades started to matter for the future. When we feel stress we tend to not get stuff done and we don't focus on being creative cause were too busy with school. Like in the video, he was talking how there are two ways that people are separated; smart and non- smart. This makes you feel like society is saying that your either smart or stupid. I also think that teachers should not put the answers on the back of the text-book. Some students will just look at the back of the book without doing there homework and they don't learn anything. School is stressful and puts a lot of pressure on people. Since grades are determining if your smart or not, people don't have time to be creative. Some people don't even want to learn, they just want the marks. 

" I believe this passionately that we don't grow into creativity; we grow out of it or rather we get educated out of it."          
                                                                                                                                                      - Sir Ken Robinson 

Hello, my name is Jamie and this is my planning blog. Here is a little bit about myself. I have an older sister in grade 11 and a younger brother in grade 8. For fun, I like to shop, play sports, listen to music, watch TV or movies and go on the internet. I love to shop, I probably go to the mall every other two weeks. The music I usually listen to is rap, R&B, and hip-hop. I also watch a lot of TV shows, like; Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries, Walking Dead, Arrow, Degrassi, Twisted, and The Fosters. On the internet I usually go on Tumblr, a lot. I usually just watch any movie that I find interesting. The things I hate are bugs, and people touching my stuff without asking. My friends describe me as a fun, caring, outgoing, and kind person.